Key in a Sand Stack

I went for a walk on the beach this morning. I felt a particular freedom as I had finished doing my taxes sooner than expected.. with my stress of that painful task behind me, I was rewarding myself with a little beach time..

As I pulled up to where I planned to start my stroll, my mind was free and my body relaxed.. there was a looming cloud but it didn’t deter me. To keep my load light I decided to only bring my car key and phone. I quickly decided that I’d put my key onto my new carabiner that also carried Larry’s house key.. this way I can just hook it onto my belt loop.. safe and sound..

I began my leisurely walk doing my usual beach combing hoping to find a treasure from the sea or two.. as I walked and collected my seashells I let my mind be free of any serious thoughts and meditated in a way..

I walked past the lighthouse then was drawn to the kite that fluttered in the wind above the lapping waves.. I stopped filmed it and watched as the little boy maneuvered his kite with expert skill.

I continued on towards the long fallen trees that lay there like nature’s sculptures in the horizon. These fallen trunks with roots still in tact were eerily beautiful as it created abstract silhouettes along the vast expanse of the beach..

I stopped several times to capture their beauty to add to my collection. I finally went as far as i could as the weather began to turn. Doubling my pace I returned to my car and as I pulled my key out of my pocket I saw that I was missing the key that was originally attached to the carabiner. Panic set in as I had no idea where and at what point the key fell..

I looked around the car and nothing so I quickly retraced my path along the beach and to no avail I nearly gave up as I returned to my car a second time.. as I walked through the last bit of sand I see a shiny metal object sitting right there in front of me.. lost and then found.